Heart will Lead the Way Back Home

The artwork was dedicated to Celine’s husband who deeply misses his hometown of Uzhhorod in Ukraine. Hidden within the landscape, you will find whimsical illustrations of Uzhhorod’s iconic sculptures and historical architectures. Around the artwork, a school of fish swims along the river; symbolising a sense of family and freedom; as fond memories of the family were bonded over scenic walks and refreshing swims along rivers. At the heart of the drawing, a large Sakura tree can be seen growing strongly from within, binding the city together; aptly representing his mother’s steadfast love.

I hope this artwork serves as a loving reminder for us to remember our family and love ones who gave their unwavering support to our hopes and dream. Work and life may place you at different part of the world, but remember; wherever you may be, your Heart will Lead the way Back Home.