A Year Made Object, Mundance Enchanments

APRIL – Cup noodles – “Hunger pangs and tummy thoughts”
MAY – Watering can – “The silent and gentle companion”
JULY – Moisturiser – “Soothing Netflix and a melatonin slumber”
NOVEMBER – Water jar + brushes – “Dawn to dusk and wanderlust”

In antique Chinese porcelain, scenic moments and landscapes of a specific point in time,framed and captured. And when I come across the decorative paintings on these vessels, I am brought immediately into that moment. The time and space between us seem to disappear.

And so I recreated a collection of my own porcelain “relics”. On them are snapshots of the pandemic times – how quiet and peaceful they were. I was busy enjoying my alone time. It was a world perhaps I could re-enter each time now I look at these vessels I made. Each porcelain vessel contained the world in each of the rooms in my home. They are personal, real – now shared, now painted – a dream to be dreamt again and again.

TEXT: Yvonne Tham/ampulets
PHOTOGRAPHY: Jovian Lim/OffVices