Another Forest, iLight

I’ve always been intrigued by the beauty and mystery of our forest; the species that thrives within it and the benefits it offers to this planet of ours (Earth).

Last year, I chanced upon the documentary “My Octopus Teacher” which exposed me to the world of underwater kelp forest. Filled with massive kelps swaying to the rhythm of the waves and seeing how species of aquatic plants and creatures thriving amongst these gigantic kelps got me thinking and inspired.

So, I went to the drawing board and spent the next 30 days creating this world where new species of flora and fauna thrives and flourish in this underwater forest. And because this underwater world often unseen and unexplored, many times I struggled and wonder if what I have created was representative of this beautiful underwater landscape. But with each brushstroke and through many days of conceptualisation, I see the forest unfold and bloom before my eyes.

This artwork, ‘Another Forest’ hopes to provoke the thoughts and imagination of people. Like the awe I first felt, I hope this would pique the interest of people and hopefully along the way, they would be inspired to accord more attention to the conservation of this often unseen underwater landscape.

CLIENT: iLight Singapore
YEAR: 2023