Blooming; Ziyang Digital Nomad

Nestled within the Sichuan province, ZiYang boasts a rich tapestry of endemic species, with approximately 12,000 plant species thriving within its region. Inspired by this abundance, I started to research on the lesser-known flora that graces the landscape.

I had a vision to create a series of bright-coloured blossoms that would adorn the village with vivid hues by day and illuminate by night. As each petal unfurls, it symbolises a beacon of hope, paying homage to the spirit of ZiYang, affectionately known as the Hometown to Lemons. In this bustling lemon village, these sculptural blossoms serve as a testament to its resilience and beauty.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to create a piece of art that will endure alongside the mountain and village. While this may be my first and perhaps only visit to this remarkable place, I hope that the artwork will stand the test of time, becoming a source of joy for visitors and villagers alike.

YEAR: 2024