Deeply Poisoned, MessyMsxi x Wacom

“Deeply Poisoned” ? was inspired by my fascination for my hobby as a plant enthusiast. In the early days of my hobby, I would seek out ‘cool’ and ‘rare’ plants to collect and own. After many years of chasing this dream; my obsession gradually becomes a passion.

When I realised that the plants which I had collected many years ago were still thriving and showing new growth. I begin to appreciate every plant’s transformation and growth cycle. From there a flame was ignited in my heart and I begin to look forward to every single growth that my plants show. So, instead of being a “FOMO plant-mom”, I wanted to be a fervour gardener who takes time to study the needs of every single plant and hone my skill at propagating them.

I am thankful that my hobby allows me to connect to a wider community of likeminded friends and it helps act as an outlet for me to release the day-to-day stress from work and life. I believe that this artwork “Deeply Poisoned” would not only resonate with me but many plant hobbyist who share this relentless pursue for beautiful plants to add to their collection.