One Tree Planted, HSBC

Forest City was inspired by the biophilic architectural design that provides an ideal and conducive environment for people inhabiting modern structures to cultivate communities and a sustainable lifestyle.

It is crucial for us to be mindful of the importance and our inherent need for nature in the modern built environment. This recognition in turn creates an awareness and bring attention to the value of planting trees and the message behind the campaign #onetreeplanted.

In the artwork, we find lush scenery of trees juxtaposed against the cityscape. Every tree in itself an ecosystem, supporting biological organism (including human beings) with shelter, clean air and a positive environment. To convey this, we see humans enjoying these biophilic spaces, participating in activities such as gardening, reading and exercising. Beyond that, we also find endangered animals hidden within this ecosystem as we seek to provide them with a safe home to inhabit.


AGENCY: Ogilvy