A constant work-in-progress, Singapore is always on the journey of reinventing itself and adapting to changes and challenges. While we redevelop and alter our urban landscape, the search for more and more space grows. Thus urging us to look skyward or underground to create living space in a more compactly developed landscape.

The questions of how our new town will look now loom on the horizon. How will space be used? What happens to the heritage and architecture of the past? Will we be living amongst the clouds in sky towns or residing in underground boroughs?

The artwork draws inspiration from the urban landscape and its Newton heritage. Most importantly, it envisions an alternate reality and parallel universe of how it may look like as we progress, develop and create.

Featuring some architectural buildings in Singapore with some resembling the current Newton MRT Station, the artwork reflects the imagined landscape of Singapore in 2200 and paints a picture of how our landscape may evolve as we progress while taking into account our limited land resource and ballooning population. Despite it all, Singapore strives in being resourceful and adaptive.

Above ground, old buildings are preserved and not demolished but instead new buildings are built atop them with newer buildings which follow to conserve our heritage while still providing space and amenities.

Below ground, the underwater landscape takes a more organic architecture form that resembles the coral reefs. The underwater development is like an oasis of calm and an escapement; a change from the overcrowded and most likely more polluted landscape compared to the underwater.

All in all, the artwork captures the creative and imaginative transformation of our urban landscape.

CLIENT: Land Transport Authority
CURATOR: Hanson Ho