Nike By You

Being an 80s kid, I found myself irresistibly drawn to honoring the vibrant heritage and familiar landscapes of Singapore. My formative years are filled with cherished recollections of lively fruit stalls and traditional shophouses adorned with colorful imagery. The unique charm of small businesses and street hawkers was amplified by their individually crafted signboards, contributing to the unmistakable identity of the Singaporean streets.

With the creation of the my Nike By You collection, my objective was to inject a spirited and dynamic essence into these iconic local elements, mirroring the lively spirit synonymous with Nike. Inspired by the 80s era, the color palette embraces high-contrast pairings, featuring bold, vibrant tones harmonized with subtle pastel shades. Each piece of artwork is designed to revitalize these nostalgic symbols, serving as a tribute to the amalgamation of Singapore’s cultural legacy with the bold and vibrant energy emblematic of Nike.

YEAR: 2024