Past to Future, the Nature and Its City, LinkedIn

MessyMsxi creates work that is attuned to the pulse, movements, and heritage of her home city, Singapore. In her monumental commission for LinkedIn, the artist has created a three-story, hand-painted mural, about the fragility of nature within and around the Port of Singapore, one of the busiest ports in the world.

Instead of highlighting how the harbour is essential to the social success and economic growth of Singapore, the artist calls attention to recent conservation efforts of the maritime biodiversity and aquatic environs. Singapore’s waters are home to more than 250 species of coral, which represent about a third of the world’s species. These coral reefs are important habitats for marine animals who depend on them for food and shelter.

With an like Singapore and the impact that port activities have on the marine ecosystem, the artist hopes to depict the resilience of the marine ecosystem and the value it adds to its environment when given the condition to flourish.

While descending the staircase, LinkedIn employees, clients and visitors are able to navigate from the hustle and bustle of everyday port life, to the equally thriving sea life that exists below.

In this mural, MessyMsxi has intended to “create a flow of stories from Singapore’s past to present, as well as a parallel of how Singapore has transformed its environment to one that is sustainable and supportive of a healthy ecosystem for nature to flourish around Singapore’s urban spaces and its nature reserves.”

CLIENT: LinkedIn
CURATED: Acrylicize
YEAR: 2022