Symbiosis, LTA

The mural underscores the symbiotic relationship between flora and fauna, which share and seed the sustenance of life while revelling in the hallowed earth. The harmony of the two is mirrored in the spirit of co-creation and the common mindfulness of the evolving eco-landscape by both the community of Canberra and the artist, MessyMsxi.

The symbiosis between flora and fauna in this vicinity reflects a parallel that stems from the collaboration between the artist and the community, through her re-interpretation of their imagination and sketches as they journeyed together across Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. Not only does the mural capture the richness of the plant and animal life, it manifests how the creatures and living organisms grow and adapt constantly to the changing environmental landscape caused by man and pollution, like the ebb and flow of the tide.

Delving deeper into envisioning how living flora and fauna evolve to adapt to our environment and eco-systems as the vicinity develops, the mural converges on the diversity of the community’s imagination that has sprouted from a single source – their connection to nature.

CLIENT: Singapore Land Transport Authority PROJECT DATE: 2019